Beautiful Jewelry from Africa

The Maasai is probably the most famous ‘beading’ tribe in East Africa and making beaded products plays a huge roll in their daily lives. Only the women do the beadwork and they take this skill very seriously, always making time to meet up to make new jewelry. 

These beaded earrings and necklaces are completely handmade in Africa. They are durable and well-constructed.  Because the earrings are uniquely made, some may vary in design.  

My other earrings displayed….

The BEAUTIFUL AND COLORFUL HAND WOVEN SISAL EARRINGS are dyed vegetable fibers in a spiral pattern with sisal grass and papyrus.

Color plays a vital role in the handcrafting of the jewelry as each color has a symbolic meaning.


Red represents blood, bravery, strength, and unity.
Orange shows warmth, hospitality, generosity, and friendship.
Yellow symbolizes growth and fertility. 

 Blue portrays energy and the sky.
Green stands for production and nourishment while white indicates health and purity.
Black means unity, solidarity, and harmony.

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